Books Cubed: Ep 28 How to Sex Your Snake Chs 1 and 2

Good Adventures,

My dizzies are mostly gone now and I’m writing full time again. To get myself back into June’s mindset, and get the next book in the series finished, I’ve been rereading How to Sex Your Snake. I had planned on reading some for you but I suck at it, so I’m going to defer to Rosie Zwaduk, the audiobook’s narrator and share the first two chapters.

If you’re a baseball fan, and the cubs/marlins game on May is on TV where you are, check out the game. A friend and I will be sitting a few rows up behind home plate. Look for my turquoise hair!

See you next week. Go read a good book!


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Books Cubed: Ep 26 Cozy Witches

Good Adventures,

I’m still fighting the dizzies. Good news is that I found a fun series to pull me out of a little depression thanks to all the spinning. This week, I’m chatting with Amorette Anderson about her charming series, The Hillcrest Witch Mysteries.

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What do I write? Thanks for asking. Get the free prequelto my June Nash Misadventure series and find out why a monkey was wearing June’s bra 

Or dive right in and get the full length first novel in the series, How to Sex Your Snake

I’ll see you next time! Go read a good book,


Preorders begin for my novel

I’m happy to announce…

e-book coverWell if you read the title, you already know. The kindle version of my first novel, How to Sex Your Snake, is now available to preorder on Amazon for just $2.99. Yay! It will be automatically delivered to your mailbox on February 14, 2017. (I’ll add buy buttons for ibook, Nook, Kobo, paperback and audio as they become available) If you haven’t already, you can read the first chapter here.

Valentine’s Day has special meaning to me. It’s not just that candy and flowers holiday. It’s also my dad’s birthday. This year, he would have been 88. After he retired, he had a nice little second career as a writer, so going live on his birthday is my way of feeling just a bit closer to him this year.

I’m hard at work on the sequel to How to Sex Your Snake.  If you’d like to know when it’s ready, you can join the Book Announcement List:

Thanks for sticking with me as this first book took shape. I’ve had many goals since I started. Most I didn’t keep. But – I’ve learned so much and now I feel like I know what I need to do to get this next one finished in a reasonable amount of time. Right now, I’m shooting for sometime around my birthday in late April. For now, grab a copy of How to Sex Your Snake. I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks. Stay warm and Write On,