How to Sex Your Snake –
A June Nash MisAdventure

A pool of blood…
A missing body…
A famous brother accused of murder…

A reluctant adventurer has 48 hours to escape kidnappers, outwit deranged fans, and overcome idiotic decisions, before the evidence skips town and she and her brother are completely screwed.

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How to Square Your Grouper Preview

Coming July 2018

How to Square Your Grouper

The Next book in the June Nash MisAdventure Series:

June Nash is back. And on vacation is Key West. Thanks to rum, drug runners and a healthy dose of Morgan, she may never make it out alive. 

Preview Ch 1 when you join my reader’s group.


Four Bullets and a Straw (produced as Finley Wade) 

The feature Length Script is available on

“Jack you’re dead.”
“Doesn’t mean we can’t talk.”
“I thought it did.”

The method actress girlfriend, the partner who writes romance novels, the cop cousin with an attitude, the old flame with the secret, and the ghost who will bring it all together.

Kindle Select On Amazon


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