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How to Sex Your Snake – A June Nash MisAdventure 

A pool of blood…
A missing body…
A famous brother accused of murder…

A reluctant adventurer has 48 hours to escape kidnappers, outwit deranged fans, and overcome idiotic decisions, before the evidence skips town and she and her brother are completely screwed.

E-book and paperback

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Four Bullets and a Straw (formerly Finley Wade) 

The feature Length Script is available on

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“Jack you’re dead.”
“Doesn’t mean we can’t talk.”
“I thought it did.”

The method actress girlfriend, the partner who writes romance novels,

Jack’s sure his murder wasn’t random. Private Investigator Finley Wade believes him. In the shootout, he wasn’t the only victim, but they’re sure he was the intended target. With the gunman in the morgue, the cops think her conspiracy theory is an excuse. How else do you deal with killing a nineteen year old kid?

And how do you deal with your mentor coming back from the dead? For Finley, you treat it like any other day at the office. You dive into the investigation, flush out suspects, dodge bullets and try to stay out of jail as the cops keep finding you in the right pace at the wrong time.

While her current partner dives into the gunman’s possible motives, Finley concentrates on Jack’s past. Were his career long rivals acting out some sort of revenge? What’s the mysterious woman from his past trying to hide? Who’s the shadowy figure behind the bullet that nearly takes Finley’s life? If Jack knows, he’s not coughing up the details.

As things turn deadly, Finley does her best to keep her lover Zelda out of harms way. Not an easy task as the method actress takes on the persona of a hard boiled detective and crashes the case. Uncovering a key piece of evidence only puts Zelda directly into the path of a showdown between Finley and a dangerous thug bent on rubbing out anyone who gets in the way.

Buy the Screenplay here   amazon-icon  kobo-icon barnes-and-noble-icon itunes-icon-sm

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