4 Bullets & a Ghost

Kindle Vella

Have you heard about Kindle Vella yet? It’s new from Amazon Kindle. Stories told in bit sized bits! You’ll find it on the iphone and ipad apps or directly on Amazon.

You get the first 3 episodes of the story free. (think short chapters that leave you wanting more)

Amazon gives you 200 free tokens to read eps 4 and on. 1 token per 100 words. When you run out, buy more in bulk and save.

My Serial is 4 Bullets and a Ghost – “Jack you’re dead.” “Doesn’t mean we can’t talk.” “I thought it did.” Private Detective Finley Wade works alone. Or she did, until she started talking to ghosts. Now her mentor has decided to rejoin the firm. Three days after his death. Their first case together? Solving his murder. Read it here.