Cloaking the TARDIS

Would you look twice at a giant shell on the sidewalk?

Christmas special spoilers sweetie

So a few days ago, I got in another viewing of the latest Doctor Who Christmas special. It was a great episode. Which surprised the hell out of me. Always been a fan of River. Never of Capaldi. As the Doctor. I love him in, In the Loop (Last I checked, it was still on Netflix) Even liked him in his guest stint on Who, a few years back. His Doctor, though, from day one has been, well, odd. There’s such a lack of energy and he always looks so uncomfortable. Like he really didn’t want to be there. When the Doctor is on screen, I shouldn’t be able to take my eyes off him. (even the Master and then later Missy command all of my attention) With Capaldi, I can make dinner while I listen to the show.

This year’s Christmas special, however, turned all that around. Capaldi as the Doctor was actually fun. And I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. And that’s why I watch Doctor Who. It’s fun. And it leaves you pumped. Even when David Tennant’s Doctor was in scold mode, it was okay, because I knew that at any moment, he’d be fun again. As this year’s Christmas ep ended, I actually felt sad for a moment, thinking I’d miss Capaldi when he’s gone. (There was a blurb recently insinuating this next season would be his last) Then I thought about the first two seasons and the only reason I kept watching – Clara.

Which brings me back to the Christmas special. How cool is it that Clara and Me run off in a stolen TARDIS? And that TARDIS! All white and clean and full of possibilities. So, my question is this, if you were lucky enough to steal a TARDIS how would you decorate? What would you conceal it as? I look around and have zero ideas of what I’d do. The telephone box is so ingrained in my mind. How about you? Any thoughts?

Think of the possibilities and Write on,



Yes, I’ll watch the new season when it airs. Doctor Who is bigger than just Capaldi. And maybe, he’s grown on me enough that I’ll even watch in real time.


melissa and mia
an example of why you should always brush your hair. stupid selfie culture

Fosterdog Mia went home with her mom and dad this past Saturday. I was going to write a post about it, but I was too sad. So, instead here’s a last selfie she and I got in before the doorbell rang. It’s been a few days now and I’m fine. She was very happy to see her folks and kept loving them and then running back to me to tell me all about how her folks were there and then running back to love them. It was really sweet.


8-17-15 Monday Word Count

concerned fosterdog mia at vet
Fosterdog Mia

Company is finally all gone and I don’t expect anymore this season.

Red wine is now my nightly prescription thanks to a high LDL Cholesterol level. It wasn’t horrible. It was 120 and should be under 100. Having that double cheeseburger at 11:30 the night before a fasting blood draw might not have been my best idea ever. I’m not a fan of red wine but my brother-in-law left a few bottles and so far, it’s all been quite good. On the plus side, I don’t wake up feeling dehydrated and tired like I do after a big glass of white wine.

We’ve added planks to our marathon training. My core muscles hate me very much right now. (why couldn’t my husband’s midlife crisis have involved fast cars or loose women?) We have a 10 mile race in a month and we’re looking for our next half marathon. There’s one in New Orleans in Feb that we’re considering. I’d love me a hurricane at Pat O’briens and am ready for nice long visit with a favorite friend who blew that way a couple of years ago.

I’m finally back to multiple hours in front of the computer. Since it had been awhile, I sat down with a copy of the book and read end to end. I like to do this periodically to make sure it’s flowing with plenty of June-ness. Most was. Some parts, not so much. This led to an extra 400 words at the end of ch 2, 1ooo replacement words in ch 11, about 1000 words dropped and then another 1000 new ones scattered here and there.  Or something like that. In the end, my words count did not jump by much.

How to Sex Your Snake

Genre – Mystery
New since Thursday –  438 words
Total Count – 34470 words
Release date: Pre-orders mid September 

Goals for next week: The complete book printed out and shipped off to my editor. She said she can get it back to me the first week of September. Then it goes out to 4 lovely volunteers that my beta reader Rosie found. They’ll look for any formatting issues. The total word count should be around 40k.

Of course, this is all dependant on me finishing by the 24th. As you can see in the top photo, fosterdog Mia is a bit concerned that I won’t be able to pull it off. I’m gonna pour a really big glass of the red stuff and do my best. See you next week.

Write on,