How to Sex Your Snake – A June Nash MisAdventure

Book One
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A pool of blood…
A missing body…
A brother accused of murder…

June Nash has the lousiest luck.

As personal assistant to her twin, international tv star and reptile expert, Dewey Nash, all June wants is a little break from the endless mail, the crazy fans and the remote locations. She just never seems to get one. Finally home after an extended shoot, June desperately needs to veg in a hot tub and soak the rainforest out of her pores. But the blood, the missing body and her brother’s possible incarceration keep getting in her way.

That and the Mexican gang looking to collect a debt, her brother’s hardcore fans sniffing around for a nibble, and her own brilliance at being in the wrong place at the right time.

When she accidentally stumbles onto the truth, the reluctant adventurer is faced with a split-second decision. Race into danger and follow the lead or stay safe and dial 911.

The wrong choice sends her on a mad dash to recover the evidence and get it safely back to the sheriff before her brother’s arrest goes public and her career…and his freedom…are history.

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I’m hard at work on the sequel. If you’d like to know when that will be available, I’ll add you to the Book Announcement List:

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