Books Cubed Ep 51 Romance with Kayla Dawn Thomas

Good Adventures,

Between battling a cough that won’t die and working on the next two June Nash books, I have sucked at writing fun blog posts that have nothing to do with my podcast. But I hope to get back to those after the new year.

In the meantime – seriously, this week’s show is fantastic. I loved chatting with Kayla. If you like romance books, you will enjoy this week’s show and want to get all her books.



The Collection – a five book bundle.

Kayla Dawn Thomas on Amazon

What do I write? Thanks for asking. 

I’ll see you next time, go read a good book.


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Melissa Banczak has lived all over the country, thanks to her now-retired military spouse. She currently resides in Florida, where she’s a reasonable driving distance to roller coasters in the Orlando area. An unexpected encounter with her daughter’s nine foot boa, Strawberry Margarita, led to the idea for the first book in her June Nash Misadventure series. When she’s not writing, she and her husband run. Slowly. She accidentally completed her first marathon in 2017, when she didn’t hear her husband ask if she’d like to stop at 13.1. She would have. You can contact her at

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