Books Cubed: Ep 15 Remembering Essayist James Grattan

(Corrections: Diana was in a martini glass and yes I do know the difference between comments and show notes!)

Good Adventures,

This week I have a special guest – my daughter Codie and I are reminiscing about my friend essayist James Grattan whom we lost to suicide in 2016.

If you were a friend of James, and I didn’t get the Diana Ross story at the end correct, please let me know in the comments. And if you’ve got James story, share! 


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I’ll see you next time! Go read a good book,


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2 thoughts on “Books Cubed: Ep 15 Remembering Essayist James Grattan

  1. Hi 🙂 I was on that email list 🙂 I am James’ friend from Provincetown, I still miss him so much, hence my googling him today and coming up with this! I am crying as I listen to it but also laughing. We caught up after far too long the day before he died and I’m so glad that we did. The first time I saw him read onstage I told him I was going to heckle ( I assumed it was going to be a comedy story) him but of course instead he made me cry, which brought him great pleasure 🙂 He also dedicated another story to me at another reading. So many stories 🙂 we met when he worked at a gas station that I used to go to in a car that I had to exit through the window. He called me Daisy Duke every time I saw him and the rest was history:) hope you are well. Maria Marelli


    1. I’m so glad you found the show. I love that you had to get out of your car through the window. I can see James watching and laughing, then teasing you about it. I miss him everyday. His writing was filled with such sadness, and joy, and sarcasm. I miss the books that he would have written. We had outlined the first book in a series we were going to write and one day, when I can look at the outline without tearing up, I’ll write those books. For now, I just miss him.


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