Time to Re-pink

20160318_184705I can’t believe it’s April 13th. Last time I looked, it was March 29 and we were headed out to Tucson, 1868 miles, to prep the house for sale.

We finished on the 10th and after 3 days on the road are about ten hours out from home. I have tomorrow to get my hair re-pinked before hitting the road, once again for our half marathon down at Disneyworld.

Anyone ever run a Warrior Dash? It’s an obstacle course slash run. My daughter talked me into one last Saturday and that expression on my face pretty much tells it all. I have a horrible fear of heights and every obstacle seemed to involve a wall to be scaled. Or mud to be swum through. Or fire that needed leaping over. I’m waiting on pictures so I’ll write more about that later. Right now, I’m starving and I need to jam all my stuff into my suitcase and hit the road in search of food. Hopefully, I don’t have to climb anything to get it.

Any of you race or dash? Commiserate with me in the comments below and Write On,


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Melissa Banczak has lived all over the country, thanks to her now-retired military spouse. She currently resides in Florida, where she’s a reasonable driving distance to roller coasters in the Orlando area. An unexpected encounter with her daughter’s nine foot boa, Strawberry Margarita, led to the idea for the first book in her June Nash Misadventure series. When she’s not writing, she and her husband run. Slowly. She accidentally completed her first marathon in 2017, when she didn’t hear her husband ask if she’d like to stop at 13.1. She would have. You can contact her at MelissaBanczak.com

2 thoughts on “Time to Re-pink

  1. Good to be back…laptop was hijacked and they tried to get me to pay RANSOM….seriously??? had heard about this scam but it’s a bit disturbing if it actually happens to you. My younger brother runs the Pittsburgh Marathon every year. I think it’s on May 2. Good luck and God bless if you can, because I couldn’t. The reno on the rental is finished except for some outside clean up. Hoping for good weather when I get back from Key West to finish. Speaking of Key West…have you heard from our friend JtG lately? emailed him last week to see if he wanted to meet for cocktails while I’m there next week! Haven’t heard from him yet, though. Would have been great if you could have been down there too!! I would like to scatter some of my German Shepherd Kane’s ashes there…..Any Ideas on where??


    1. I’m finally back too and all rested up from 3 weeks on the road.
      wow, hijacked! How awful. Glad you got it all taken care of without having to empty your bank account. A marathon is impressive. Does your brother run for time or just a vertical finish? (we’re in the VF category)
      JtG is good but busy. You must be in KW about now? I won’t be down until fall. I just can’t get away anymore this summer.
      scattering ashes…..you need a permit from the health department to do that. If you know, you were too talk to them about it….a private boat might be a good way to do that, just off shore. Hope you had or are having fun. Hit the beach and I’m horribly envious.


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