Running in Circles


Getting ready to run 13 miles at the gym (we’ve got a half marathon in about 6 weeks more on that later) Every mile is 16.76 laps. I’m going to be here forever.

It feels like I’ve been running in circles trying to finish How to Sex Your Snake. I’ve been rewriting the last 80 pages and finally made some progress. Yesterday, I sent off a ch that I’ve rewritten about 10 times. My editor loved it. With one little suggestion. I will set that aside for the moment and attack chs 19 thru 24. I worked from home this weekend but it’s back to the office (my corner booth at mcds) starting tomorrow.

On the cover front, things are coming along. I hired the artist a few days ago. I hope to debut that soon.

Mark is bitching at me to get out of the locker room and up on the track.

Hope you’re not somewhere stuck in circles too.

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Melissa Banczak has lived all over the country, thanks to her now-retired military spouse. She currently resides in Florida, where she’s a reasonable driving distance to roller coasters in the Orlando area. An unexpected encounter with her daughter’s nine foot boa, Strawberry Margarita, led to the idea for the first book in her June Nash Misadventure series. When she’s not writing, she and her husband run. Slowly. She accidentally completed her first marathon in 2017, when she didn’t hear her husband ask if she’d like to stop at 13.1. She would have. You can contact her at

2 thoughts on “Running in Circles

  1. Missed a couple of blogs while I was Running in Circles between my rental property and where I currently call Home! I’m doing a reno there….trying to talk the husband into selling both places and moving to Fuckin Florida! If I could, I would vacuum my German Shepherd. She’s shedding like crazy. That means early Spring in my book! She attacks the vacuum like a rabid wolf. And in my book that means LESS vacuuming..YEAH! Speaking of books, wish you luck finishing “Snakes” Looking forward to seeing some Cover Art! Write on…..


    1. sounds like you have been busy. I will send Snake to the editor end of March. I have to be done. I lose all of April to getting my house in AZ ready for the market and a trip to Disneyworld for a half marathon. plus lots of driving in between. Ah, to vacuum the dog. That would be ideal. My terrier sheds like there’s no tomorrow.


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