3-8-15 Sunday Word Count


It’s best on tap but this will do in a pinch

Blast, it’s Sunday once again.  Here are the numbers:

How to Sex Your Snake, June Nash 1:
Genre – Mystery
New this week – 1078 words
Total Count – 14,589 words
Release date: Late Spring 2015 – still on track

This is an editing week, so I’m not too concerned with word count. The book is about halfway done.

Goals from Last Week:

Finish the edit from ch 5 – I’m close. Oh so close. Ch 5 is a doozy currently at 5600 words. My editor might break this into smaller chs. We’ll see.

Put 6 into first draft shape. This poor baby is still in tatters. I didn’t even open the file.

Updates to my published script, Finley Wade:
Genre – Non fiction and Script
New this Week – 302 words
Total Count 24,154 words
Re-Release: March 31, 2015 – probably will be delayed

Again, I’m working edits.  It looks like she’ll be delayed because I still haven’t mentioned this project to my editor. Woops.  Scheduling could cause a delay. The cover for Finley wasn’t a goal, but I did talk to my artist. She did the first mockup and I realized my idea was just too busy. Going to re-think what I want and get back to her.

Goals from last week:

I worked on several of the essays in section one but I’m not happy with any of them. I’m coming across as too much of a stick in the mud and that’s not my intention. There’s lots of good stuff here, I’ve done seminars on a lot of it, so I know the audience responds. I need to look up my lecture notes and try to work some of that humor back in.

I did not watch a single Marvel movie. I’m in withdrawals.

Goals for next week:

How to Sex Your Snake – send chs 4-6 to my editor for a first look.  Ch4 is the only one ready to go. I cannot take a single day off.  ( I only wrote 3 days this past week)

Finley Wade – If I get done with my work on Snake, I’ll attack the first two essays.

Check out some drawing programs for the ipad so I can play around with an idea I have for the Finley cover.

Finish the non writing blog post I started three days ago. Gracious. I need an app that yells at me when I get distracted.

I think that’s all for now.

Write on,


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I'm cold. Always. I'm currently on the Treasure Coast of sunny Florida and I'm still freezing. Happily, I'm driving distance to rollar coasters in the Orlando area, so that makes up for any shivers. When I'm not writing, my husband and I run half marathons. Slowly. My first novel, How to Sex Your Snake, is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes.
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