Sunday Word Count

Foster dog Mia would rather I take her for a walk
Foster dog Mia trying to distract me with a walk

I’m going to try to keep track of my accomplishments and goals with weekly posts. I’m horribly lazy and love to lose a whole day in Netflixland.  That’s not a good thing for a writer. Holding myself publicly accountable might chase away the lazies. If nothing else, I can review the previous week and kick myself for not getting more done.

I have two current projects:

How to Sex Your Snake, June Nash 1:
Genre – Mystery
New this week – Approx 800 words
Total Count – 13,043 words
Release date: Late Spring 2015 – still on track

The first three chapters have gone back to my editor for a final pass.  Ch 1 will be available on this site soon. If you like it and want to read more, simply sign up for my book update mailing list and I’ll send you Chs 2 and 3.  The links will be available once the edit is done. I’m about halfway through my outline and currently on track to publish in late Spring.

My plan for the week – Finish Ch 6 and do a final pass on Chs 4-6 before they go to my editor. Write a log line and short blurb for the website. Narrow down an artist to create the book cover.

Updates to my published script, Finley Wade:
Genre – Non fiction and Script
New this Week – 7,558 words
Total Count 23,748 words
Re-Release: March 31, 2015 – still on track

I’m no longer making films, so I’ve decided to let that website lapse.  I’m pulling posts from my screen writing blog, rewriting them, adding new topics and compiling all into the front of the script book. The new material will include essays on script-writing, pre-production, crewing up, filming, post production and more, garnered from ten years as a no budget filmmaker and five as a literary agent.

My plan for the week: organize the posts into sections and write at least one new essay.

Thanks it for the week.  Come back on Sunday March 1st to see how I did and what I’ve got planned next.

Write on,


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Melissa Banczak has lived all over the country, thanks to her now-retired military spouse. She currently resides in Florida, where she’s a reasonable driving distance to roller coasters in the Orlando area. An unexpected encounter with her daughter’s nine foot boa, Strawberry Margarita, led to the idea for the first book in her June Nash Misadventure series. When she’s not writing, she and her husband run. Slowly. She accidentally completed her first marathon in 2017, when she didn’t hear her husband ask if she’d like to stop at 13.1. She would have. You can contact her at

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