Books Cubed Ep 37 Numerology Followup with Anmarie Uber and The Bec

Good Adventures,

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This week’s show, a followup to Ep 29 Chaldean Numerology was crazy. I got kicked off the internet right as Anmarie talked about death. We regrouped and then The Bec and I did some additional recording to explain what I’d missed. Too spooky.

I recorded a bit early so I wasn’t able to announce the the winner of a Cecelia Mecca book on the show. Congratulations to Terri. I’ll let Cecelia know. Keep listening. You could win a book in a future show soon.

Anmarie’s books are here.

For more about Anmarie and her books, visit her website.
The Bec’s Christmas Song is here on Youtube.
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That’s it for this week, go read a good book!