Books Cubed: Merri Maywether Small Town Romance Pt 2


Good Adventures,

This week, I continue my chat with Merri Maywether about her small town romance books. What’s it like to live in a town with no stoplights? What do her neighbors think about ending up in her books? Just like last week, lots of laughs.

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Some NSFW photos from the Fantasy Fest posts.
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Books Cubed Ep 38 Pt 1 Merri Maywether and small town romance

Good Adventures,

This week on the show, I’ve got Merri Maywether and we’re talking small town romance. We chatted for almost an hour so I’ve broken it into two parts.


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It might be a goner….


See my poor chair? It’s so old, it’s started peeling. For the moment, packaging tape is keeping it together. We have a long history and I’m hoping we’ll get through another manuscript together.

And speaking of writing, August 1st is fast approaching. That’s the day my new June Nash Misadventure is due to my editor. Again, we’ll see. I’m thinking it’s going to be a couple of weeks late. Sorry Lisa.

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