3300 miles and I’m still exhausted


IMG-4541Love me some Cruise Control

I ran out to Seattle two weeks ago to drive the youngest back to Florida (more school) Too much stuff to ship, and too little stuff to rent a truck. We ended up getting a Dodge Caravan, folding the back seat and one middle seat into the floor, and stuffing the mini van to the gills. 12 hour days took us to Boise, down through Las Vegas, over to Tucson (where we spent half a day, hey Rosie!) Then it was southeast to San Antonio, up to Houston, over to Mobile, across to Florida and straight down the middle, angling east till we hit the Treasure Coast. I think it took 7 days but I slept for about 4 after I got home and I’ve lost track now.

Don’t I know you…



I’d brought my national parks passport book but was just too damn tired to check and
see if there was anything worth stopping to see. Yes, every national park is worth stopping to see, but when you’re on road for 15 or 16 hours a day, you start to get picky. The only non bathroom/food stop I ended up making was the vista above. And hey look who I found. It’s the giant boulder from Indiana Jones! It’s retired now. Check out its cute little pebbles. Wonder if they’ll go into show bizness too.


I’m hoping to hang around the house for awhile. Much as I love a good road trip, this one has me covered for a good long time. Drive safe and Write on,



New book is done

Near Bismark I think


Three nights ago I emailed my editor the rest of How to Sex Your Snake.  Woo-hoo. She already sent back line by line for the last three chapters. (She’s been editing as we go)

I’m celebrating by driving my youngest cross country to Seattle and their new apartment. It’ll be an early night tonight so I will download Scrivener for the ipad and get to work on the fixes. Next step is copies to my final readers so they can look at the formatting and make sure I got all the fixes in.

Gotta sign off and finish my wonton tacos before they get cold.


Chow down and Write on,