Rolling with da Mangos

mikes mango
Better than a thesaurus

For the last couple of weeks,  we’ve been drenched in rain here in the north woods. (This has been the rainiest spring in decades) I blame the weather for my lack of progress.  Cause, you know, I’m certainly not at fault. Due to the rain, neither hubby or I have been able to work on the golf course as much as we normally do.  You’d think that would mean more time at the desk. But, sadly, no. It means more games of hand and foot with the in-laws and binge watching entire seasons on netflix.  (Looking forward to season 2 of Sense8 and in love after the first ep of Star Talk)

Today is the first sunny day in ages and I’ve already gotten a ton done. Well, not really a ton but I fixed a paragraph that was really buggin’ me.

I’d been deep in 12 when I realized I’d gotten off track. I retraced my steps to the last thing that felt right and I found myself at that crappy non June-feeling paragraph in 10. I have until about 9 tonight to work uninterrupted so I’m hoping I can keep rolling through small fixes in 10 and 11 and get back to 12. Mike and his incredible mango are along for the ride.

Until Sunday.

Write on,



I plan on waiting until I finish the last few chapters before I send anything else to my editor. I’m really close now. Total word count should be between 30 and 40K.