Books Cubed: Fantasy and Romance with Linda Poitevin

Good Adventures,

This week, I’m chatting with one of my favorite authors. Romance. Fantasy suspense, giant dogs, and husbands that won’t retire.

Links: (romance website) (urban fantasy website)

Even if you don’t read either genre, you need to follow Linda on facebook just for her photos of itty bitty and giant dog.

What’s new with me? Ahhhh. I may have given myself too much to do this month. I’m final drafting book 2 of the June Nash Misadventure series, I’m first drafting book three (same series) and book one in a new horror series, and I’m at the formatting stage for the 6 book non fiction series I co-authored. I’ll have more on that for one of the shows this month. I just need to finish lining up the guest stars. It will probably coincide with the Amazon release of the series. (Non river lovers – I’ll start releasing it on additional retailers shortly thereafter)

That’s it. My mind must be fried, I just spent several minutes trying to think of the word retailer. I need to go take the dog for a walk and get some fresh air. It’s already been a 9 hour day and I’m not done.

And as I always say on my show, let me know what you’re reading! My kindle is almost bare.

See you next time. Go read a good book.