Books Cubed: How to Sex Your Snake Ch 7 from the Audiobook

Good Adventures,

Anybody else have a horrible cough? Mine has been kicking my ass for almost three weeks. I’m up off the couch which is good and slowly getting my fingers back to the keyboard. I’ve got just a few chapters left on book two in the June Nash MisAdventure series and I’m beyond ready to get this baby out in the world.

chapter 7 from book one is up on this week’s Books Cubed podcast. Just click the video above or listen to the podcast.

Just before I got sick, I hit the theater for a preview of Knives Out. Daniel Craig, a very under used Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Even, who excels at being a real dick, and so many more. The film starts out a bit slow – there’s some questioning of the suspects, but then it dives in and pulls you along. You think you have it figured out and then wham – it becomes a puzzle inside a puzzle. I need to go back for another viewing before it leaves the theater.

That’s it for this week, I’m gonna hit the hay. Stay healthy and go read a good book.