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“A monkey stole my bra”

I wrote this as I waited for Herman’s Hermits to start. (Epcot Garden Rocks Series) This month has been crazy and fast. Took mom to Key West for her birthday. Got photos with the clothing optional bar sign at Garden … Continue reading

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More Seattle

Last time I shared photos of the Star Trek exhibit at the EMP museum in Seattle. This time, I thought I’d wrap up that trip with some of the more bizarre outfits from the wearable art collection. Like I said … Continue reading

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New book is done

  Three nights ago I emailed my editor the rest of How to Sex Your Snake.  Woo-hoo. She already sent back line by line for the last three chapters. (She’s been editing as we go) I’m celebrating by driving my … Continue reading

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Use it or lose it

  Hold still while I kick you in the head… In the summer of 2004, I’d just perfected my running-jump-spin-and-break-the-board-kick (sorry to be so technical) and was a few months away from testing for my 2nd degree black belt when the Air … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

So, my youngest offspring and I are both trying to finish things. He’s working through some videos prepping for an IT certification test and I’m trying to get my latest project, the novel, How to Sex Your Snake finished and … Continue reading

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Running out of Days

I woke up this morning and realized I’d lost 12 days. My sweetie has been getting us ready for our next races, so it’s write, run, sleep, repeat. We did take a day to zip down to a caption theater … Continue reading

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Lovin’ the Quickie (book update)

My 11 month experiment with tracking my writing has bored me to epic proportions. I can’t imagine what it did to others. From now on, I’ll keep infrequent updates to a 30 second read. (don’t worry, that’s only for updates … Continue reading

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Fosterdog Mia

Take a look at that face. That’s foster dog Mia. She loves that hat so very much. She came to live with us when a cousin decided to take a year long trip around the world. (think mostly Asia and … Continue reading

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New babies!

  The clutch is finally hatching! These silly babies are like a month over due. Have I mentioned the babies before now? I don’t recall and I don’t feel like looking back over previous posts. I think these are green … Continue reading

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Naked with Wet Feet.

I’ve been writing all day in wet feet. Which begs the question, why do we say in the nude? If you’re naked, you’re not in anything. That’s the whole point of the word. I’m currently sitting in my car outside … Continue reading

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