Fosterdog Mia

I love my hat so very much.

Take a look at that face. That’s foster dog Mia. She loves that hat so very much. She came to live with us when a cousin decided to take a year long trip around the world. (think mostly Asia and South America) In the 13 or so months that she’s been with us, she’s learned to love snow, kill voles, chase chipmunks, annoy her 15 year old doggie second cousin Stitch, and generally snuggle her way into our hearts.

She lectures us when we’ve been gone too long, insists on playing squeaky football before breakfast, and has carved out a permanent spot between my husband’s calves when he reclines in his favorite chair.

In 9 days and a wake up, she goes home. A small part of me is devastated. She’s personality times a zillion. Most of me is relieved. She’s tiring. But in a good way. Like a toddler. I will miss her tons but be happy knowing that she’s home again with her human mom and dad and four legged brother and sister. (cat and dog and I’m guessing on their sexes)

I’ll probably post more photos and videos as I ready myself to let go.

Snuggle your babies and Write on,



Tell me about your fur babies in the comments below. That might help me overcome my sorrow.