3 authors roll dice for prompts then cut to write and come back and read their short stories – an episode of Books Cubed

Good Adventures,

This week we’re playing in the Roll-A-Prompt series again. This time, I’m joined by my co-author Lisa and our friend Kristina. I picked a random set of elements from the Genre Mashup Edition, we cut to write (so you don’t have to be bored while no one is talking) then come back and read. It was lots of fun. If you’d like to play along, the prompt is below. Grab some dice, roll for your elements, write and leave your story in the comments. I’ll read it on a future show. 

The prompt we use today is from our Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Genre Mashup Edition


Roll 1 number 

Even = MC is alone

Odd = Roll again for a companion 

  1. Stand-up comedian
  2. Delivery driver
  3. First officer
  4. Masked horse rider
  5. Phoenix
  6. Welder

IF the MC is alone, add an object

Roll 1 Number

  1. Roll of pennies
  2. Embroidered slippers
  3. Drone
  4. Wedding ring
  5. Bag of dirt
  6. Syringe


Roll 1 number 

  1. Getting fit for a spacesuit
  2. Boss dies in the middle of a job interview
  3. Car stalls in the fast food drive-thru
  4. Light never turns off
  5. Probe is discovered drifting in space
  6. Is there a troll under that bridge?

Now write and have fun! If you want to share in the comments. 

See you next time. Good a good book. 


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Paranormal Romance Author TK Lawyer Reads to Us!

Good Adventures,

Grab a cup of tea and find a comfy spot on the couch. This week, paranormal romance author TK Lawyer is reading from one of her new books, Serenade. Enjoy!


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Ep 5 of Books Cubed featuring TK Lawyer


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That’s it for this week. Go read a good book!


Books Cubed Ep 59 Author & Acting Coach Guy Castonguay

Good Adventures,

This week on the show, author and acting coach Guy joins me from Vancouver. I hope everyone is healthy and as happy as you can be with this lockdown.


Guy’s Website 

Get the ebook of A Name for People Like me for on sale through April 20 for $2.00 US  

Behind the Scenes doc I shot and edited for the film On a Clear Day starring Guy.

I couldn’t find the actual film. If I do, I’ll post a link.

That’s it for now. Go read a good book.


Mystery Writing Prompts – 3 authors write live, you can play along too.

Books Cubed Ep 58

Good Adventures,

More live writing prompts this week! I’m joined by Lisa Mahoney, my co-author in the Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Series, and authors Jeannie Wycherley, Misha Safran, and Joan Mularz. They write, we chat, then they read. All in 30 minutes. 

This time we worked from the Mystery Edition and I’ve included the prompt we used so that you can play too! Our authors had about 20 minutes to write this time. After you’ve listened to the show, grab a six sided dice, roll for your elements, set your timer for 20 minutes and then share some or all of what you wrote.

Prompt Set: 

Roll your dice for your main character. Even= Your MC is alone Odd= Roll again for a companion.

  1. Cigar Maker
  2. Gymnastics Coach
  3. Lobster Boat Captain
  4. Retail Store Clerk
  5. Mall Ear-Piercing Kiosk Girl
  6. Survivalist

IF the MC is alone, add an object. Roll one number

  1. Air Conditioner
  2. Exit Sign
  3. Crib
  4. Quarter
  5. Bulletproof Vest
  6. Desk Calendar

Roll One Number for a Scenario

  1. Cleaning Up A Crime Scene
  2. Falling Into A Ravine
  3. Motor Won’t Start
  4. Unclogging A Stopped-Up Sink
  5. Kids Running Through A Broken Fire Hydrant
  6. Developing Film In A Dark Room

That’s it. Write down what you roll, set your timer, and get to writing! If you share in the comments I’ll read them in a future show. No time limit if you’re listening way off in the future. 


Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Series on AmazonKoboBarnes and Noble

Our Guest Authors 

Joan Mularz: Website | Books on Amazon | Facebook  | Twitter 

Jeannie Wycherley: Website | Books On Amazon 

Misha Safran: Authentic and Wholehearted Joy Facebook Group for Women | Safran Consulting On Facebook  

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed today’s show. Don’t forget to comment. Go read (or write) a good book. 


Books Cubed Ep 56 Must Read Romance Authors

Good Adventures, 

Author Kayla Dawn Thomas is on the show this week, talking about romance authors you need should be reading.


Get a Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks

Today’s guest – Kayla Dawn Thomas

On Instagram – the rippedbodice

Agents of the Crown by Lindsay Buroker (five books not three!) 

Ain’t Nothing but a Pound Dog by Jeannie Wycherley


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Books Cubed: Ep 55 Favorite Podcasts – Disneyworld & Murder. Just not together.

Good Adventures,

Podcasts! I’m joined by my co-author Lisa Mahoney and we’re talking our favorite podcasts. She’s into murder and I’m into the mouse. What are your favorites? What else should we be listening to?








Are you a writer who loves prompts? Check out our Roll-A-Prompt series. (also on Barnes and Noble and Kobo if you hate the River)

That’s it! See you next time. Go read a good book.


Books Cubed: Ep 54 Epilepsy Advocacy

Good Adventures,

If you have epilepsy or know someone who does, you’ll want to watch this week’s show. Epilepsy advocate Meghan Kennedy chats with me about her part in the new book, Visions: The Inspirational Journeys of Epilepsy Advocates.

You can also listen to the podcast. Check your app for Books Cubed or go to the homepage.

For a limited time, you can get the book for 30% off.

If you have an inspirational story of your own that you’d like to share, leave a comment.

I’ll see you next time. Go read a good book.


Books Cubed Ep 53 Confidence: Diary of an Invisible Girl

Good Adventures,

Remember those awkward teenage years? This week on the show, I’m chatting with YA author Paige Lavoie about her novel Confidence: Diary of an Invisible Girl. Plus comics. And Star Wars. And a whole lot more. Check out this great show and don’t forget to comment.

Or if you prefer to listen, check out the podcast.

I’m back on my feet after two months of that crappy cough that was going around. I had it twice. Or probably never got rid of it the first time.

Was a long day of writing so my mind is fried. How to Square Your Grouper will be out soon. I’m off to bed. Go read a good book.


Books Cubed: Stars Wars Rise of the Resistance photos

Good Adventures and Happy New Year!

No interview this week. I do have photos from my visit to the new ride in Disneyworld Star Wars land – Star Wars Rise of the Resistance. Just click the video above!

This is going out on January 2, 2020. Anyone break their resolutions yet?

Me in the ride queue. I have lots of other great photos, but my computer keeps putting everything in the cloud and then won’t let me have it back. I hate technology.

I guess my resolution should be, get better acquainted with technology. But it’s just easier to imagine smashing things with a hammer and then asking one of my kids to do the tech stuff for me. (none are around right now. Blast.)

I found a perfect white elephant gift. A week after the party. Maybe next year.

And that’s it for me. I just don’t know how I can top that. See you next time. Go read a good book.


Books Cubed Ep 50 Christmas Books! Orangutans and Horror with The Lights

Good Adventures,

19 days left in the year. Anyone else hustling to finish things? I’m burning the midnight oil working to get my next June Nash Misadventure to my editor. It must happen next week. It must. I still have Christmas shopping to start.

If you’re still looking for gifts, check out the Books Cubed Podcast this week. I revisit my chats with Laura Boldin-Fournier – she wrote the delightful children’s book, An Orangutan’s Night Before Christmas, and Carrie Pack who features children in her horror story, The Lights. I ended up going to the tree lightening that she talked about in her book and I spent the whole time keeping an eye on all the kids, thinking, it would happen….


An Orangutan’s Night Before Christmas

The Lights

Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journals

That’s it for now. Go read a good book!