7-2- Sunday Word Count

Two bear sighting since the last post. The bear in the video was a few feet off the road (we were in a car) and he was completely uninterested in us. He fiddled with an anthill, sniffed some grass, wandered along the edge of the road and then finally crossed to the other side. Our other sighting was this morning. We were on an 11 mile run up in 3 lakes and a 450 + pounder ran across the path about 20 casual paces in front of us.  Hubby screamed bear. I had a mini heart attack. This is only my second time crossing paths with a bear while on foot. I hope to never have a third encounter. Yes, I’m a wuss.

Onto the word count.

I finished rewrites to ch 10 and spent the last week on re-edits for ch 11. I’ve been going in circles over just a couple of paragraphs so today, I decided to work on ch 12. And to keep myself from fiddling with anything in 11, I wrote in the color note app on my phone. I got about 800 new words before I uploaded to my computer and knocked off a few hundred more. Then I purged about 600 words. All in all, it was a good day.

How to Sex Your Snake

Genre – Mystery
New this week – 1514 words
Total Count – 27710 words
Release date:  Summer 2015

I only had one Sunday Word Count post for all of June. Not good. Not good at all. I think for the rest of the book, I’ll knock off the first draft for each chapter on my cell phone and then do the second draft on the computer.  It makes it tougher to edit if I can’t see more than a few hundred words at a time and I need to resist editing until I have that complete first draft for each chapter.  Starting tomorrow, my daughter will be visiting for two weeks, so I need to try to stay on track. I think writing on the cell phone will help. I want this book premiering before summer is over.

Goals for next week: A first draft of chs 12-14 up on the computer.  Now to see if I can follow through.

Yay to the Woman’s football club winning FIFA and write on,