In another life I spent a decade working as a camera operator and screenwriter on docs, PSAs, behind the scenes shorts, and films. Here are a few favorites I made over the years.



banner for finley websiteFinley Wade
86:00 | HD

The partner who acts out romance novels, the cop cousin in a pissy mood, the dead assassin with no motive, the method actress girlfriend, the victim’s long lost love, and the ghost who will bring it all together.

The film is not currently online but you can see clips and a trailer on youtube. 

* * *

lilah_shortLilah & the Alien | 28:00 | Trailer
Official Selection:
Sidewalk Moving Pictures Festival
A.C.E. award for Acting
A girl finds an alien in the park and brings him home.

Part One  | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

* * *

drakeDrake & the Bedtime Story
20:03 | Watch for free
Official Selection:
Pura Inspiracion Film Festival
A look at retired racing Greyhounds and the people who rescue them

* * *


Cup a Sugar | 3:30 | Watch for free
Official Selection:
Sidewalk Moving Pictures Festival
Peoria Film Festival
Crossroads Cinema between features

A negligee clad woman is trapped in the stairwell of her apartment with nothing but a newspaper and a hot cup of coffee.

* * *

crewingupCrewing Up – the webseries
$15.95 | The complete series 2-disc set plus extras
watch episodes only here.

When her fiance skips the wedding to cover the antics of an inebriated Congressman and his co-ed cohorts, Addie Kent has a meltdown.  But try to strangle your fiance on live tv and everybody freaks out. Even when it’s the nation’s most obscure political talk show host, Frank Mann. Now, banished to court-ordered community service, the hot headed former producer finds herself in a special kind of hell – public access.

* * *


Making of Human Condition
7:21 | Watch

I followed writer/director Alan Williams and his cast and crew, from a seedy motel to the rainy flats in Wilcox, as I shot this behind the scenes look at the short film, Human Condition.  Watch for the part where Jim Ellis talks about his blood splatter design for the shotgun scene.

* * *


Making of On a Clear Day
9:16 | Watch
Official Selection:
Arivaca Film Festival
Peoria Film Festival

One of the first projects I shot after I moved to Tucson in 2005.  This doc follows Alan Williams as he makes the short film, On A Clear Day. This is how I met the film’s star, Jeffrey Scotland. I later cast him in my webseries, Crewing Up and feature film, Finley Wade.

* * *

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