LGBT Award Winning Author

Lost weekend

Make that week. I have no clue what I was doing just last week. Whatever it was, I forgot to upload my chat with award winning LGBT author Carrie Pack. (episode 6) Her time travel novel, In the Present Tense is a must read. When you’re done, stick around my Youtube channel and check out this week’s chat with my audiobook narrator, and meet the voice of June Nash! (episode 7)

me mark stitch going to disney

What the dog wants…

…the dog gets. Here we are driving our 17 year young pup to Orlando so she can get groomed at Best Friends at Disneyworld. Two hours each way but look at that smile. She loves her car rides. While she got beautiful, we wandered Disney Springs and had what we think will be our last outing to D-Luxe Burger. It’s too messy and too hard to hold those ginormous burgers. Delicious. But too much work. Next time Stitch needs a grooming, we’ll kill time at that noodle place we always walk past. 

Groovy ArtNick Cave art

If you’re in the Orlando area, you need to hit the Orlando Museum of Art to see the
Nick Cave exhibit before it leaves on December 30. His work is incredibly whimsical and weird. If you’ve never heard of him, check the exhibit out here. 

And that’s it for this week. It feels like time to share another reading from a work in progress. Do you want to hear from the next June Nash novel or from the yet to be released series, Four Bullets and a Ghost? Let me know in the comments and Write on. 


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Paranormal Romance


AKA Angel Romance

This week on Books Cubed, I talk with paranormal romance author TK Lawyer about her Guardian League Series. Hunky half naked men, angels, true love….maybe. You’ll have to check out her books to find out. This is the one I”m holding above.

Not a whole lot of work accomplished on the next June Nash MisAdventure this week. But….I’ll be able to devote the next four days to writing so whoo and hoo. Until that baby is done, go get the first one. Or the prequel.

It’s starting to cool down here in Southern Florida. Normally, I’d be super excited. It’s marathon training season. But craps luck, I have shin splints. So, while my husband hits 10, 11 and 13 mile days, I limp from bed to couch to coffee house with my bottle of generic Aleve. Research tells me that I could be off my feet for a few weeks. I have a half in Cape Canaveral in November and a full at Disney in January. I’d better be better soon.

See you next week. Keep yourself healthy and write on,


PS. Anyone have experience with shin splints? Any advice is appreciated. Anecdotes are the same as doctor’s advice, right?


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NSFW Private Detectives & Ghosts

Good Adventures!

This week, I’m switching it up and reading from a new series that I’m tinkering on. PI’s, overactive imaginations, ghosts, and a tiny bit of cursing. (just two words) This isn’t a final version and the series won’t be out until late 2019. Have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments.

snake-red-orange-desert2A few kind words…

And speaking of June Nash, (well, if we’d been speaking of her) Have you read the book yet? Consider posting a review. Every time someone does, June smiles at a random Dewzer. And I find it easier to get out of bed in the morning. Seriously, it’s the only way we writers face the day. We need ’em. Haven’t read it yet? What are you waiting for? Go get it. 

Write on,


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Todd Explains Poetry

This week on the vlog

Poetry explained to me

did it work we’ll see

Good Adventures,

Thanks to my friend Todd I learned all about poetry this week. See that Haiku above? Have a listen and leave a comment on the show. (Here or on Youtube)

In writing news, I’m a happy camper back at work on How to Square Your Grouper. The sequel to How to Sex Your Snake. I’d had just a bit of the blues I think and could not write for about three months. I might still make the deadline of a Nov 30 release but I’ll be cutting it close.

I hope none of you were in the path of Hurricane Michael. We’re far south on Atlantic side of Florida so we were just fine.

See you in a week and Write on,


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Glitter, machetes, & Key West

Good Adventures, everybody!

This week, I’ve got Carrie Jo Howe on the show talking about her funny novel Island Life Sentence. Have a listen and go check out the book.

I’m having a great time catching episodes of Doctor Who these last couple of weeks. The new series starts on Sunday and I’m really psyched about it. Jody was excellent in Attack the Block, so I bet she brings great things to the role of The Doctor.

I’ll have more updates on the next June Nash Misadventure, probably end of this month. In the meantime, if you haven’t read chapter one of the new book (all that I’ve released so far) of How to Square Your Grouper, you can hear me read it to you on last week’s show! The full novel will be out by the end of the year.

Until next Thursday,

Write On,





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Books and Margaritas

Good Adventures everybody!

I’ve been hard at work on my next book, due out by the end of the year. (I keep saying late fall with crossed fingers) So, to help make my life easier, I thought I’d start a new project. Oh, naughty frozen margarita drinks and the ideas they give me. Here’s ep 1 of my vlog, Books Cubed: Reads, Reviews, & Rants. As you’ll find out, I forgot my own title in the intro! This week, I read from my new book. Next week, I’ve got a fun interview with author Carrie Jo Howe.

mikes frozen margarita


New episodes will be up on Thursdays. Have a listen. Subscribe. Leave a comment on youtube, or here. Buy the other book so I can afford more margaritas. Have a lovely day and write on,


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Meet Fabulous me in person!

Me and my better half at Disney world. We’re more than a little excited.

In the Tampa Area?

I’ll be signing copies of How to Sex Your Snake at the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention July 14th and 15th. If you’d like free tickets, you can get them until June 30th by clicking here. I’ll have a few book bags to give away too.

Now I’m off to my little booth by the bathroom in Panera Bread to work on June’s next misadventure due out in September!

Stay cool and Write on,


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Hanging with Web show Interview

Watch me slouch. And talk about snakes. Here’s an interview I did on the Hangin’ with Web show. (yeah, they spelled my name wrong but they were really nice folks)

Enjoy and Write on,


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“A monkey stole my bra”

I wrote this as I waited for Herman’s Hermits to start. (Epcot Garden Rocks Series) This month has been crazy and fast. Took mom to Key West for her birthday. Got photos with the clothing optional bar sign at Garden of Eden but we were too scared to climb the stairs. (Been there done that was terrified much) Caught up on sleep. I’ve been working on a new June Nash novel and indulged in too many 10 hr writing days. Did some West World binging. Great show. Watch it!

While you wait for the new June novel, I have a free micro misadventure. June is trapped in Costa Rica and nature is not her friend. Get it free on Amazon or Kobo. Tell a friend and leave reviews! Every time you do June smiles at a random Dewzer. And it helps me get up in the morning and write more.


That’s it for now. Stay cool (the heat sucks today) and Write On,


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Song Suggestions Please!

post_cochlear_surgery_.smallLa La La La La La La

Do I look happy in that photo? Yeah, I know I look like crap but do I look happy? Because I am! That’s me leaving the hospital after my cochlear implant surgery back on January 25th. In the twenty-four days since my device was activated, voices have gone from sounding like tinny chipmunks on helium to thirteen year old boys waiting for their voices to break! Which is a little unsettling when talking to my husband. Over time, it will continue to get better. Or not. Fingers crossed!

As my brain relearns how to hear, part of my daily therapy is listening to music. I start each morning with thirty minutes of songs that I remember from when I could hear. (I was never completely deaf but pretty darn close to it by the time I got my implant)

As what I’m listening to has started to sound like real music, I’m branching out to songs that I don’t know. Armed with lyric sheets so I can follow along. It’s been thirty years since I’ve listened to new music, so I’m looking for suggestions. Anything after 1988. If there’s a song I need to hear, drop me a note with the title and artist.


Winter is still alive and kicking and the best chance of surviving to summer is to stock up on a few good books for those chilly nights. This 5 day sale features 62 books in 13 genres, all for the low price of 99 cents each.  (Some are only available in the US and UK) You’ll find the first in my June Nash MisAdventure series, How to Sex Your Snake under Action/Adventure. If you’re feeling feisty and want to buy a copy to leave a verified review on Amazon, you’ll make my day! And like I say in my books, Every time someone does, June smiles at a random Dewzer. And that’s almost as good as an angel getting her wings.

Click here for the book sale!

Stay warm and safe and find some time to read!

Write on, 


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