Books Cubed Ep 37 Numerology Followup with Anmarie Uber and The Bec

Good Adventures,

(Listen to the podcast here)

This week’s show, a followup to Ep 29 Chaldean Numerology was crazy. I got kicked off the internet right as Anmarie talked about death. We regrouped and then The Bec and I did some additional recording to explain what I’d missed. Too spooky.

I recorded a bit early so I wasn’t able to announce the the winner of a Cecelia Mecca book on the show. Congratulations to Terri. I’ll let Cecelia know. Keep listening. You could win a book in a future show soon.

Anmarie’s books are here.

For more about Anmarie and her books, visit her website.
The Bec’s Christmas Song is here on Youtube.
What do I write? Thanks for asking. Get the free prequel to my June Nash Misadventure series and find out why a monkey was wearing June’s bra.

Or dive right in and get the full length novel, How to Sex Your Snake

That’s it for this week, go read a good book!



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I'm cold. Always. I'm currently on the Treasure Coast of sunny Florida and I'm still freezing. Happily, I'm driving distance to rollar coasters in the Orlando area, so that makes up for any shivers. When I'm not writing, my husband and I run half marathons. Slowly. My first novel, How to Sex Your Snake, is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes.
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