Paranormal Romance


AKA Angel Romance

This week on Books Cubed, I talk with paranormal romance author TK Lawyer about her Guardian League Series. Hunky half naked men, angels, true love….maybe. You’ll have to check out her books to find out. This is the one I”m holding above.

Not a whole lot of work accomplished on the next June Nash MisAdventure this week. But….I’ll be able to devote the next four days to writing so whoo and hoo. Until that baby is done, go get the first one. Or the prequel.

It’s starting to cool down here in Southern Florida. Normally, I’d be super excited. It’s marathon training season. But craps luck, I have shin splints. So, while my husband hits 10, 11 and 13 mile days, I limp from bed to couch to coffee house with my bottle of generic Aleve. Research tells me that I could be off my feet for a few weeks. I have a half in Cape Canaveral in November and a full at Disney in January. I’d better be better soon.

See you next week. Keep yourself healthy and write on,


PS. Anyone have experience with shin splints? Any advice is appreciated. Anecdotes are the same as doctor’s advice, right?


About melissabanczak

I'm cold. Always. I'm currently on the Treasure Coast of sunny Florida and I'm still freezing. Happily, I'm driving distance to rollar coasters in the Orlando area, so that makes up for any shivers. When I'm not writing, my husband and I run half marathons. Slowly. My first novel, How to Sex Your Snake, is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes.
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2 Responses to Paranormal Romance

  1. Cynthia Kester says:

    Well, Melissa..the husband had splints in high school and college. He ran track and field. He has the same advice… stay off your feet!! My advice is to have some cocktails and relax!!! Looking forward to the new book so….WRITE ON!!


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