Todd Explains Poetry

This week on the vlog

Poetry explained to me

did it work we’ll see

Good Adventures,

Thanks to my friend Todd I learned all about poetry this week. See that Haiku above? Have a listen and leave a comment on the show. (Here or on Youtube)

In writing news, I’m a happy camper back at work on How to Square Your Grouper. The sequel to How to Sex Your Snake. I’d had just a bit of the blues I think and could not write for about three months. I might still make the deadline of a Nov 30 release but I’ll be cutting it close.

I hope none of you were in the path of Hurricane Michael. We’re far south on Atlantic side of Florida so we were just fine.

See you in a week and Write on,


About melissabanczak

I'm cold. Always. I'm currently on the Treasure Coast of sunny Florida and I'm still freezing. Happily, I'm driving distance to rollar coasters in the Orlando area, so that makes up for any shivers. When I'm not writing, my husband and I run half marathons. Slowly. My first novel, How to Sex Your Snake, is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes.
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